Dasa Raimanova, originally from Slovakia, is a London based freelance filmmaker. She graduated with BA in Film, Video and Interactive Arts at Middlesex University. Her work explores socio-political topics, generally focussing on the stories of strong women.

Polyland is Dasa’s feature debut and together with a social campaign, its aim is to contribute to social change in Poland.

Her short documentary ‘Resistance Recipes’, about food and farming highlighting the everyday struggles of Palestinians in the West Bank has been selected for the London, Bristol and Toronto Palestine Film Festivals. In cooperation with NGO Nomada, it reached new audiences in Poland and gave an entry point to the difficult situation of Israel/Palestine conflict.

Apart from her own work, Dasa freelance as camera op and an editor for arts organizations, universities, and charities, as well as works as a camera assistant for BBC or Chanel 4.


Zofia Brom was born in Silesia, Poland. In 2007 she graduated with MA in Political Science and Journalism from Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Today, she is based in London, UK, but she divides her time between United Kingdom, Poland, and Greece.

Polyland is the first film she is taking part in, however, she has long history of political activism. She started as a so-called “eco-warrior”. When she was 14, she joined the well-recognised Polish environmental organisation Klub Gaja. Later, she was part of Polish Anarchist Federation, Free Caucasus and numerous other groups.

In UK, she has worked with No Borders Network, Dissent! She was also involved with London Coalition Against Poverty. She has volunteered for Freedom Press: the largest publishing house of its kind, and the oldest in the English-speaking world.